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10x your productivity and effectiveness


Free yourself to do your best work knowing that everything is organized and scheduled.

All your projects -> One Master list

Plan your daily work from all projects into your daily master list, sorted by priority.

Plan for tomorrow or full week in advance

Schedule your important tasks full week in advance



Get into flow consistently with our prepare -> work -> review workflow.

Prepare and anticipate: Define your first action steps and anticipate any blockers for every work session.

Work in small focused sessions, easier to guard against distractions.

Review if you finished your task and your energy levels. Track time worked per task.

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We don't rise to the level of our goals we fall to the level of our systems.


LifeHQ is not just an app, it's a system. Once you adopt the system, productivity is a natural side-effect.

Get reminded what needs to get done

LifeHQ reminds you of your daily tasks, habits and journals. It knows what needs to get done today, what tomorrow.

Daily mission

Are you winning your days? Your daily mission is your target for making today a success. With enough successful days you can achieve anything.



Journaling is the original self-improvement tool used by the greats like Leonardo Da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin.
It is not about writing memoirs, it is about becoming your best self.

Record your daily improvement in areas that matter to you (productivity, stoicism, fitness etc)

Review your days at least once per week and notice similarities between your good and bad days. Then attack the areas you can improve in.

Productivity templates for Day, Week, Month and Year to jump start your journaling. Never start with a blank page.



Develop healthy and productive habits to take care of your body and mind.

Track your habits and your overall daily success.

Course correct if you're trying to do too much in a single day.


Go-getters who are crushing it

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