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Plan, Organize and Work on them every day.
LifeHQ keeps you accountable, organized and productive.

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  • Journal - Plan & Review your goals
  • Projects - Organize and make them concrete
  • Weekly planner - Plan the important tasks for the week
  • Master todo list - Your daily action plan
  • Pomodoro cycles - Work in small focused periods
  • Habits - Stay consistent

The LifeHQ 5 step system

1. Have a daily mission


Success in life is achieved with many successful days

The LifeHQ dashboard defines your daily mission and keeps it front and center so you don't miss it:

1. Finish all tasks from your master list.
2. Stay consistent with your habits.
3. Write your journal.

2. Keep a journal


Define your goals and review your progress

Record every day how you are moving forward.
Catch procrastination before it gains momentum.
Crystalize your goals.
Review your progress every week, month or year and plan the future.

3. Turn goals into projects


Goals are only dreams until they become projects

Define and organize the concrete steps for accomplishing your goals

1. Organize tasks in todo-lists.
2. Schedule milestones and deadlines.
3. Create and upload resources.

4. Stay focused with the Master List


Pick and prioritize your daily tasks from your projects

Choose your daily tasks from your projects into the master list the night before.
Categorize them into Urgent, Important and Extra lists.
Next morning focus on the select tasks in the master list and use the most productive time of the day for getting things done.

5. Work productively


Pomodoro cycles for short & focused work sessions

Focus naturally by working on one thing at a time.
Short work periods are easier to protect against distractions.
Regular breaks keep you fresh and alert throughout the day.

Bonus: Track your healthy habits


The things you should be doing but aren't

Habits are the little things important to our long term health and happiness that often slip through our fingers.
As the saying goes: What gets measured gets managed.
String together few successful days to develop a green chain.

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