Get Organized, Productive and Consistent

Get Organized, Productive and Consistent

LifeHQ is built for the dreamers, wantrepreneurs and visionaries that are having trouble executing their ideas.

It's an all-in-one system that gets you organized, productive and consistent.
Unleash your genius onto the world!

Join for Free and Start Crushing your Goals!!!
Join for Free and Start Crushing your Goals!!!

"We do not rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems"

The problem

As tomorrows millionaires it's not that we lack ideas or vision or grit.
It's that we are disorganized, want to do everything at once but end up finishing nothing. We need a central place to manage everything and make sure we're moving forward every day.

Other "personal productivity" apps can't get the job done. You need to combine 5 different apps only to forget to use them after 2 days.
Professional project management apps are a huge overhead, built for companies with big teams. There is nothing out there made specifically for us.

Why LifeHQ is the answer

LifeHQ is the all-in-one system for managing your life like a pro. Designed to help solopreneurs, freelancers and future-millionaires level up. Having a system like this in place will boost your productivity, consistency and effectiveness. And it will make the journey calmer, smoother and shorter.

Have a clear head knowing that you've won the day and are moving forward
  • Clear heads come up with better ideas.
  • Clear heads notice things others don't.
  • Clear heads get into Flow easier.
  • Clear heads perform Deep Work better.

Win every day


Success comes from winning one day at a time

At LifeHQ do 3 things to win the day:
- Do the work and complete your daily tasks.
- Stay consistent with your habits.
- Write your journal.

Review, Reflect and Crystalize your vision



Some of the most productive and accomplished men in history like Leonardo Da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin kept detailed journals. Making great memoirs was last on their minds. Journals were used to plan, review and revise the great things that needed to be done. At LifeHQ you get 4 strategical types of journals: Year, Month, Week and Day journals.

Enough dreaming. Make your goals concrete



After setting a goal the next logical step is to make a project for it. Projects consist of todo lists, deadlines (or milestones) and resources.
Pro tip: set many milestones along the way and celebrate them as victories.

Your daily mission


Master list

Get organized by using the Master list split into 3 priorities: Urgent, Important and Extra.
Fill this list every evening with tasks from your project, this is your daily mission.
The next morning everything is set up for you to get working and crushing it.

Unmatched productivity and effectiveness


Pomodoro cycles

The Pomodoro cycles consist of short and focused work duration about 25 to 45 minutes and short break for 5 to 10 minutes. Short cycles are ideal for focusing only on one task at a time and breaking down bigger tasks that might look daunting at first. Major component of increasing productivity is planning before starting. Take a minute to think about what you'll do, how you are going to get started and possible blockers along the way.
Track your energy and motivation at the end of each cycle for future reference and interesting stats.

The things you should be doing but aren't



Habits are the little things important to our long term health and success but they often through our fingers in our daily lives. As the saying goes: What gets measured gets managed.
String together few successful days to develop a green chain, then it's easy, don't break the chain.

Enough reading. Start doing!!!