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How it works?

  • journals Journals

    Journals: Plan, Record and Reflect

    Four types of journals: Year, Month, Week and Day.

    Year: Plan out your major goals at the beginning of every year. Reflect and gain perspective at the end of it.

    Month/Week: Use the Month and Week journals to split your major goals into bite-sized pieces.

    Day: Enough planning. Use the day journal to keep appreciating the present moment and to record your productivity ups and downs.

    • journal
      Year Journal

      Be proactive. Plan your major goals with the S.M.A.R.T. strategy and then crush them. At the end of the year get perspective and extract valuable lessons.

    • journal-review
      Review mode

      Scroll easily through previous journal entries to recognize positive and negative patterns of behaviour. Then record and improve on them.

    • journal-template
      Year Journal Template

      Use our handcrafted journal templates as a starting point. Answering few important questions is much easier than staring at a blank page and figuring out what to write about.

    • journal-template
      Day Journal Template

      The Day Template is split into Morning and Evening parts. Start your mornings with gratitude and appreciation of the present moment. Evenings are for reflecting on the day and recording what you did right and wrong.

  • projects Projects

    Projects: Make your Goals concrete

    Goal without a deadline is just a dream.

    Create new project for every goal you have, then:

    • - Define what needs to get done in To-Do Lists
    • - Set a deadline
    • - Get to work

    • projects-overview
      Project Overview

      Get an overview of your completed vs remaining tasks and the upcoming events

    • projects-todo
      Task lists

      Define the steps towards achieving your goal. Be as specific as possible.

    • projects-schedule

      Set a deadline and other important events like milestones and meetings.

    • projects-resources

      Create and store project documents.

  • daily-todos To-Do Today

    To-Do Today: Holds all tasks that need to be completed today

    Pick tasks from all your projects and prioritize them into three sections:

    • Important tasks get you closer to your goals. Make sure to spend your most productive hours on these.
    • Urgent tasks are the ones you must do today like having meetings, answering emails, paying the bills etc.
    • Extra tasks are all the others with lower priority that would be nice to get done.
    • projects-overview
      Plan mode

      You can switch between all projects and add project tasks into the Daily Todo, but you can also add your own tasks on the fly that aren't related to any project.

    • projects-todo
      Execute mode

      Once the planning is done start executing.

  • habits Habits

    Habits: The small things you should be doing but aren't.

    Meditation, working out, reading, writing, personal development, side projects. These small habits are easy to do but easier not to do. The LifeHQ Habits module will skyrocket your consistency and improve all areas of your life.

    • Image
      Consistency chain

      Mark your completed habits every day and create the green success chain. Then it's easy, just don't break the chain.

    • Image
      Success chart

      The success chart shows your success rate for the day, taking into account all habits. There is also intelligent advice that suggests when to add a new habit if you're doing great or to remove one if you're stretching too far.

  • knowledge Notes

    Never forget what you learn

    Constant learning and improvement are the keys to success in the modern world.

    Store your lessons learned, your mistakes, your best practices and anything else. Writing these down forces your brain to digest and internalize this information making it much easier to access in future situations.

    • knowledge-base-overview
      Notebooks & Notes

      The Notes module is organized into notebooks that contain multiple notes.

    • knowledge-base-templates

      Store template for your most common document types. The first three are on the house: Book summary, Best practices and Checklist.

Why it works?

Why LifeHQ Works?

There is no magic pill here. These are all things we know we should be doing but aren't.

Why Journals?

We all know we should spend more time reviewing and updating our goals and then audit our daily actions to make sure they match our ambitions.

Why Projects?

We know we should take our goals seriously and work towards them every day. The first step in that direction is to define them into clear actionable task lists and start managing them like a pro.

Why Daily To-Do?

We know it's smarter to plan tomorrow's tasks the night before. And don't forget to plan Important tasks (the ones that get you closer to your long term goals), aside from the Urgent ones.

Why Habits?

We all want to be more consistent with our positive habits. And we all struggle to juggle multiple new habits at once.

Why Notes?

We all have bits of knowledge in our heads waiting to be forgotten: summaries from books we've read, crazy ideas for the future, hard lessons learned and mistakes made. We should write these down. Over time they can turn into articles, books, stories to our grandkids, memoirs and ultimately legacy.